"Other People are Logged onto this Computer"

  • 30 September 2013
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Well, I went on the computer and it was already logged in, and a message was displayed on the screen from Windows saying "other people are logged on to this computer" and giving me an option to log off or something like that. I found 2 bank related windows open, but later found this was my dad attempting to do banking stuff. But when I told him about the second user, he was confused. Here is what it looks like, but on a different user. (The message was on the Administrator account.)
Anyone know what this might be?

5 replies

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How many user accounts do you have on the computer?
There are 3 accounts on the computer.
Excuse my double post, but my computer auto-logs off due to Parental Controls and usually before it actually logs me out, I click Switch User. And my Dad was using the Owner account. Not sure if this might've caused it or not. I have done a scan with Webroot and 2 other anti-virus programs. Could someone share their thoughts about all this?
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It could be anything if other users have access to it if you want a health check please Submit a Support Ticket and then they can take a look and maybe see what happened?
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If it said "Other people are logged on to this computer. Shutting down Windows might cause them to lose data. Do you want to continue shutting down," that just means more than one user account was active when the computer was going to be shut down or restarted.

Typical sequence of events that could trigger this: You boot up the computer, sign in, and eventually click Switch User when you get up to go do something else. Dad comes along and signs in as Owner. Now you're actually still logged in when this happens because you switched users instead of logging out. So when Dad is done with the computer, maybe he tries to shut it down or restart it. At that point, the message comes up because it doesn't want him closing any work you might still have open in your session. Make sense? It's basically a courtesy message from Windows designed to help you not lose open work.