Outlook backup problems

  • 23 April 2015
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I just used backup for the first time and the folders in Outlook were moved from Outlook to Webroot.  I tried to open them in Webroot, but the message is I have to be within Outlook to open these folders.  I split the screen and tried to drag the folders into Outlook, but the message says these folders are too large to copy.  How do I restore these folders?
All other files backed up fine and they do open.
Thanks,  Bruce 

1 reply

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Please Login online to your Webroot console. Click Backup & Sync, and you will see your files are in your PC Folder. Right click on your Folders and click Download.
Have a look at the PC User Guide w/Backup& Sync http://live.webrootanywhere.com/content/1178/Backup-&-Sync-Windows-Store-App-User-Guide-Overview and here http://www.webroot.com/En_US/SecureAnywhere/PC/WSA_PC_Help.htm#C8_BackupSync/CH8a_UsingBackupSync.htm
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