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  • 25 February 2013
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Is Webroot AV compatible with Outpost Pro personal firewall?  I have recently extended my subscription from one seat to three seats, but I am not yet using the third seat because that computer utilizes the Outpost Pro firewall.  If it is okay to use, I will load Webroot on that computer as well.

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Hello jjc, 
I am not familiar with that program, but Webroot generally prides themselves on being compatible with any other software on your machine.  If you have any problems,  you can Submit a Trouble Ticket and a tech will help resolve the problem if at all possible.
I did find a https:///t5/Webroot-SecureAnywhere-Antivirus/Secure-Anywhere-and-Outpost-Firewall-Pro-Web-Thread-Shield/m-p/682#M5it from about a year ago.  Being that long ago, I do not know if it is still accurrate.
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Yes it will be fine as I know a few that do use that Combo just make sure Outpost doesn't block anything from WSA as it's needs full right's to the net and to your system.
I'm happy to report that after downloading Webroot AV in use with the Outpost Pro firewall, everything is running smoothly, and there were no problems with the download.  So things are looking really good.  Just as an aside, something seems to have happened to ESET with their latest version update.  All my computers started running slower, and since I was near the end of my subscription anyway I just went ahead and transfered everything over to Webroot.  I'm happy with the security so far, and of course no slowdowns.  Prevx was always quick and light yet powerful, so that was a big selling point in going with Webroot.
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Great to hear enjoy! ;)