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  • 26 January 2015
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Hi   I'm new and just want an answer...
How do I uncheck pop up blockers?   there is No   "settings"  button   --? a different name  ?
the 'gear' of System Preferences   does not offer   a settings  place...
why do thy have to use different words??
Please help.

1 reply

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Hi Ryn
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Not quite sure what you mean by needing to uncheck pop up blockers?  If popup blockers are installed or active then this will be in your browser(s) and in most cases you have to install the addon either outside (IE) or from within (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc.) in the first place...hence my not understanding what you are looking to do.
Would you be able to elaborate a bit so that we can look to assist you?
Regards, Baldrick