Program Won't Run when Webroot is Running

  • 23 March 2013
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I have a program that won't run when Webroot is running.  I get the Windows error:
The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000018).  Click OK to close the application.
After I shut down Webroot, it runs fine.  Is there a way to make an exception for this program?  I've been trying different things in Webroot but nothing seems to work.

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6 replies

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Hello daLavaTroll and welcome to the Community!
It would probably be helpful to mention which program you are having problems with.  While WSA is compatible with pretty much anything, it is possible that someone else has seen the same issue you are and knows the solution.
You might also Submit a Trouble Ticket for support to take a look as well.
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Hello daLavaTroll and welcome to the Webroot Community!
I suggest you to check Detection configuration under Quarantine to see if by chance the application isn't Blocked, if so please set it to Allow. If the application won't listed there, please try to add it to the Protected Applications under Identity & Privacy and set it to Allow. If neither of the said workarounds proves to be successful you will have to open a support ticket as David suggested because some files of the blocked application need to be whitelisted centrally in the cloud.
Please revert with result.
The programs are Hoyle Card and Casino games.  They are not listed in Quarantine.
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We'll need to see some log data in order to determine what's happening with that interaction.  Could you please open a support case from the computer the issue is occurring on?  Doing so will send up some basic log info which will be helpful in determining why the program won't open.  It could be that WSA is stopping something negative from happening, or it could be that WSA is being a bit too overprotective in this case.  We'll have to take a look at it in detail to know for sure.
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The support system indicates this issue was resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling, and also running a tool to remove remnants of a legacy version of our software which was present. If the issue is unresolved, please let us know, but we'll close this case out for now. 🙂
Yes, this did solve the issue.  Thanks for the help Jim!