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  • 10 September 2013
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I recently installed Webroot on my new PC.
I was checking settings today and found Webroot listing two PCs protected. 
It is showing the same PC twice, no idea how that night happen.
I need to know how to delete one.

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5 replies

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Hello Chuckpass and welcome to the Webroot Community!
This area is for suggestions on how to improve the product itself: your post would go better in one of the actual discussion Forums.  But that is OK 🙂  I am sure a Moderator will be happy to move it, and I am more than happy to help answer the question!  :)
Simply back into the Console and look at both entries.  Click on each on, one at a time, and note the last time a scan was run on each one.  The one that used most recently, you want to KEEP.
Go back to the other one, used a longer time ago, and then click the Commands tab, and then Deactivate.  This should remove the old installation from the listing and leave the software active on your computer.  It also will free up the 2nd license seat and make it available for use again.
Let me know if this helps!
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Hello chuckpass and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums.
Have a look at this KB article and Deactivate the older PC by looking at both and look at the last scan date then Deactivate the one that's outdated.
EDIT: David beat me to it! LOL

EDIT: David gave me the correct KB Article Link. Thanks David! ;)
Thanks, that worked.
Apologies for posting in the wrong place.
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Great to hear and thanks for your reply!
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Daniel was right though.. the Reactivate images are a bit better... I need to throw together some better screenshots for both of them so we can refine them a bit!