• 24 October 2013
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At work we are using a proxy.I am using my laptop there (WLAN). Is there a way to check if WSA has access to internet or not (I didn´t enter the proxy details) for the moment? Second question: Does WSA protect without internet connection? Thx for your help.

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Hello Robert!
Checking is WSA has internet access is easy: simply click the 'gear tool' next to My Account,  click the About SecureAnywhere tab and then click the button to Check for Updates.  If WSA is not able to talk to the internet, you will get a connection error instead of the message that you already have the current version.
WSA will protect without internet access, but the live Cloud checking will not be active.  Instead WSA will use heuristics, the monitoring feature, etc and will "re-check" with the Cloud when the connection is ac tive.  Note: ALL AV's REQUIRE internet access on a regular basis in order to provide full protection.
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My colleague will post in this threat with more info shortly. *Edit I posted this before I saw David`s reply, Jack and I are currently working on something hence my reply*

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Hi umberto79 & David

Unfortunately there is no easy way to check if WSA can clearly see everything in the cloud it needs to. David is correct in that checking for updates will give you an indication if something is wrong, however checking for updates does not necessarily test all possible connections with the cloud so unfortunately it cannot be entirely relied upon.
As for offline protection, we do indeed have very strong offline protection using heuristics and journaling of changes made whilst offline. Upon reconnection to the cloud offline determinations are checked for updated information.
You could ask your work to allow g* through their proxy, but it's probably a long shot ;)
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Huge Kudo's for the detailed answer, I greatly appreciate it! I don't mind being corrected when I am not fully correct (or completely wrong either for that matter!) And I always like to get better understanding of how things really work!

That is my first new thing learned for today 🙂
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Hi @  would a Tracert help in this case and if so can you supply the IP to check via Tracert Command Prompt?
Daniel 😉
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That's the problem, the IPs are part of our amazon infrastructure so they change, therefore we have to use the firewall URLs with *'s which can't be pinged or tracert'd :(

The only tried and trusted method so far would be to use packet sniffers to be truly sure.

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I believe they can change at will depending on ours or Amazons needs, also there is a large range at any one time so different installations go to different IPs
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Ok thanks I tried. LOL