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  • 19 November 2012
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Hi Forum,
I'm trying out the antivirus version and I like it a lot, I have a question though: If I buy a license now will my remaining days be added to my new subscription?
Thanks :D

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6 replies

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Should not be a problem.I would contact Webroot by phone for the best possible deal though.I got a heck of a deal renewing mine.Here is the number to call 1-866-612-4268
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If you already have SecureAnywhere Antivirus, I could add the days from your new purchase to your existing account. If you have Complete or Internet Security Plus, you will need to wait until the subscription expires and then enter the keycode to activate the new subscription. You can also give sales a calls and see if they have any special offers!
Thank you both, guys ;)
 @MikeR, Ok I understand that for the antivirus version is not possible to automatically add my remaining days unless I contact support first? 
Thanks both again!
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I am not sure if they will add the days on if the subscriptions are for different products. If it is adding days from two SecureAnywhere Antivirus subscriptions, sales will help you out (or I can add them for you). 😃
I've got it, thanks Mike!!
It is good information for sharing, It help many people for puchasing a license.