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  • 26 June 2013
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Sorry for asking here but my trouble ticket has not been answered since two days already. Thought as a paying customer I would get a quicker reply. 
After using a third party AV client for some time, I decided to switch back to Webroot (because of its lightness). Bought a license code at an American online sales company and now I am scared to use it because I do not know if the remaining days are gone.. what happens to the trial, etc. 
Some time ago, I already bought a license code (different seller) but had only problems. Even having the original package in hands, Webroot told me it was probably stolen, Thanks god I got several replacement codes from the seller but not a single one was correctly working. I got my money back from the seller... but well of course this is still on my mind. 
So currently my account is filled with a lot of codes and several consoles. Some codes show up as valid (however support told me some time ago that they are not valid/stolen).. so I have no idea anymore which one works and which one doesn't work and how many days I still have etc. 
After installing Webroot, I now got a ~180 days trial and I would like to merge the trial days with any existing days on my account as well as with my newly acquired license code from the online sales company I mentioned before.
In the forum I read that it's best to wait until the remaining time is over and then use a new key. But to be honest, I am scared to wait that long because of what happened in the past. Even if I bought my code at a very famous online company, I have no guarantee as a buyer that the code is coincidentally "not valid" (stolen in other words) again. The seller, when I bought Webroot some time ago, had the original package and still it was "stolen" ... 
So, what is the best solution? Do I have to wait for the support to reply? Or is there already a way for ME to check, merge codes and delete all the 99% unwanted consoles? Normally I don't care to wait 3 .. 4 days for a reply... but I learned from using Webroot in the past that every day is important and the longer it takes the smaller is the chance to get a refund from the company who sold me the license code. 
Thank you.
PS: Sorry if this is the wrong forum

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Hi webrootuser,
It sounds like there are two issues.  1. You'd like us to combine days from a trial to a purchased code and 2. You'd like us to remove some old consoles for you.

1. We can't combine the trial days with the purchased keycode.  If we did that, it would allow essentially everyone who wanted a free 6 months to go download a trial and request the days be added to a purchased keycode.  As I'm sure you can understand, that would be too great of an offer for anyone to pass up, and it would come at a significant expense to Webroot.  So unfortunately, we cannot do that for you.  However, you hit it on the head in your question that you are definitely able to wait until the trial expires and then start using the new keycode.  That is the best workaround we can suggest.

2. As far as deleting the consoles goes, that we can do.  I see you have four consoles.  Please reply to me via private message with the names of the three consoles you'd like removed, and we can do that.
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I replied via PM. Thanks!
Could you please delete my pass keycodes from my console. Every time I log in it goes to one of the old keycodes. Thanks
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Hi scubasit
For that to occur you need to Open a Support Ticket providing the Support Team with the detail of the old keycodes that you would like deleted (you can see them via your Web Console).  They will be able to sort you out. :D
We in the Community are volunteeers and have no access to the Webroot back office systems where this would need to be done.
Hope that helps?
Would it be possible to have my old console removed?
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Hello Magic2273,
It should be possible to have an old Console removed, but that must be done by Webroot Support.  As users we are not able to do it ourselves.
Please submit a Trouble Ticket.
Even though this is a Holiday Weekend, and so Webroot offices and phones are closed for the weekend, the online ticketing system IS open 24/7.