Question, regarding accepting a website that Webroot warned against.

  • 18 November 2013
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I was on a site and clicked download.  Webroot suggested I not go there.  I clicked "allow" and then realized I was not going to the site I thought I was (I guess a phising scam).  When I went back to that same original site and clicked download again, it stayed on their site and I did not see the (phising) link that I saw earlier.  (I don't think I actually downloaded the Phising site file and I erased the file I did download from that site, never clicked on file to install)
So, my question is, how does Webroot store your "allow"?  Or, does it?  I looked in "My account" and in the settings of Webroot and I do not see anything.
Thanks in advance.

1 reply

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When you clicked to allow, you added it to your local Whitelist.
Look in the file located at:  C:/ProgramData/WRData/wrUrl/Whitelist.txt   That file contains any sites that you Allowed, and to WSA will no longer warn you about them.  It is not possible to edit the list from within the WSA interface at this time, although this has been suggested here.
If you wish to remove a URL from the Whitelist, you will need to move the Whitelist.txt file to a different directory, edit it to remove the line dealing with the site you want to 'reblock', save your work and then move it back.  (The directory is write protected so that you cannot edit the file directly unless you move it to a different location.)
 Now, as far as I know editing it this way will work, but I have not done so myself.  I found it easier to simply delete the file and restart the computer.  WSA will automatically create a new blank Whitelist in the event it has been deleted, resetting ALL URL's that you have manually allowed previously.