Re: Is Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus compatible with comodo internet security pro 2012?

  • 6 December 2012
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Shoud I turn off Comodo defense,etc?I don't know the compatability with comodo firewall/antivirus/defense,etcI have Webroot secure anywhere 2012 Antivirus installed alongside Comodo internet security 2012 along with Hitman Pro 3.7.I recently had my system brought to its knees by virus infection and had to use comodo rescue disc to eliminate the threat and use system repair disk to be able to boot again.I want as much protection as I can get.

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Hello Chris6815 and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums.
You should not have any issues just make sure Comodo lets WSA have full right's to the internet and the system! ;)
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Hello Chris6815, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. 😃
I changed from Comodo to Bitdefender internet security 2013 because I scanned my C disk with Webroot and found 2 Dell drivers from Korean origin that were trojans and 1 other threat.I believe I got the 2 Trojans from using Slimdrivers.So how do you update your drivers safely?Webroot is incredible.5 stars all the way.I have been having problems for a long time and this time I believe I finally got all viruses,etc.Thanks for the welcome guys.I am on a 15 day trial of Webroot and already ordered webroot essentials 2012 antivirus.Thanks for the input.
FYI, it looks like this has tendency to pick those korean drivers as trojans. This also thinks that my DVB-T tuner (Anysee E30) driver has a trojan, which certainly is not the case (in other words false positive, I've submitted the file). Comodo also gave false alarm about it. Virustotal:
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As a side note,and as i am sure you are already aware,only download driver updates from the manufacturers websites only.That's why i manually go looking for drivers versus using a program to check for updates.Alot of these driver update programs wind up directing you to secondary sites not hosted by the manufacturer/developer,in which case you are playing Russian Roulette with your p.c.Also,half the time,they direct you to the wrong driver for your device.For the most part,the rule is,if the existing driver is working in a stable manner,there is very little reason to update it,unless the MANUFACTURER recommends doing so for various reasons.In alot of cases,it's not a fp,especially if you are not downloading from a MANUFACTURER hosted site.If you think a Webroot detection may be a fp,you can submit it for analysis from within wsa on the system tools panel and click submit a file.Also,when doing driver updates,i always advise people to back up their pcs beforehand as sometimes driver updates can have unintended consequences.
I was foolish and used slim drivers because it was highly rated on C NET dowloads and got 2 trojan drivers and removed others because of suspicious processes and today found out that remote registry service was turned on.I did not even know about this till today.I used Microsoft fix it on the security settings and found 2 things that needed to fix.Does anybody know about system restore.I try to use it every once in awhile but it always says it failed because of Antivrus could not retieve a file.I have turned off Antivirus and it still fails.Thank you very much for your helpful resonse.
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I'm not really sure what message you're referring to in your question. That message doesn't sound like any message from Webroot that I've ever seen. You could post a screenshot of the error perhaps, and maybe we can clarify a bit more about what it is you're seeing. What is the purpose of the system restore you're attempting to perform?