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today i try access to my history data ( very old ) , but can not view their . Also becuase when support answer me , i can not view answers at my Email , i loss their . Today i sent 3 tickets for support , but when i view my panel : i was awestricken .

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Durantash, I'm not sure what you're saying, but I moved the post out of the idea into which it was posted because it did not seem to have to do with the idea. Could you please explain what you mean? I think you are saying that you are having trouble signing into the support system? I'm sorry that I'm a bit confused about your post so far.
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I think I understand. Let me explain.

When I access my support ticket account(i.e. when I try to open a support ticket) there is option to write a response or a new problem. The webpage also has some of my old conversations with the support team. But not the older ones. The number of conversations that fit to that page only seems to be visible. No way to see my older conversations which could be useful for reference when opening new tickets.

Now the only other way I can see the conversations or more precisely the replies from support team is to find the old email notifications from the team that says a new reply has been posted. But when those emails do not contain the contents of the reply. Only the notification.

I believe durantash is asking for implementing a way to see older or the oldest conversations with the support team in the support account.

Best Wishes,
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Thanks Amit for trying to help with the translation. However, my test account is still showing activity from July of 2011, and to test further, I've just sent quite a few messages back and forth to myself, but I still see the original message. Durantash, could you confirm you're having the problem Amit thinks you're having?
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Jim, out of curiosity I checked my support account and I can confirm that there is missing old conversation. My last entry is dated Oct 22, 2012 and if you can read this post you will recognize that this message was referring to the ongoing discussion. I have also checked my secondary e-mail account and situation is the same, i.e. old conversation is missing.
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Like Petr I can also confirm that some of the oldest conversations with the support team from 2 years ago are not available to me in the support ticket webpage. The email notifications don't come with any response contents. So no way to get those conversations back. I believe this is what durantash talking about.
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Pegas, I can confirm you have cases going all the way back to Jan 2012, which I can still see on my end.

I don't suppose you have something towards the bottom of the page that says "Show more of this conversation," do you?

Going back that far, it's very likely that most of the messages sent by support will start to lose relevance over time. When SecureAnywhere first launched, many of the buttons were in different places, and the user interface was quite different. Instructions sent by support to do something in an old version of the interface would not be as descriptive as resubmitting the question and receiving a new answer.

Nevertheless, it makes sense that you would want to see the full history. If you can confirm that there is no option to do so, it's something we could bring up with support.
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Thanks Jim for the reply. I can confirm I don't see the option "Show more of this conversation".
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Just to be completely sure I tried it in Opera and IE9 with Ad Muncher disabled and there is really no option to unroll old discussion.
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That option may only appear on our end. I'm looking into this as we speak.
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@ wrote:
That option may only appear on our end. I'm looking into this as we speak.
Hi Jim it is that way Webroot staff can see more than we can I can only see back till Jan 24, 2013 and I know I was in contact at the beginning of the Alpha & Beta testing early 2011 with the same email address and password.
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As it turns out, we are aware of this limitation, and we are working to address it.

For the time being, we can send you your old conversation history manually if you request it via the support system.

In the future, we are hoping to make some improvements to the system in other ways as well - for instance, separate tickets for separate cases rather than one long conversation.

It's hard to say exactly when these changes will go into effect, but they are being developed.
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In the light of Jim's information, I kindly encourage everyone who is keen to see the support system improvement to tick a Kudo in my very old idea. :D Thanks.