Really dumb quesiton: It is safe to delete WRData1 folder, right?

  • 18 November 2013
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I am 99% sure the answer is yes but the received answer was evasive.

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16 replies

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Hi ExpertNovice
Where is this folder located?  If in programdata, i.e., the same as the wrdata folder, then I would think twice about it as generally anything in the programdata folder should be left well alone, given that it is usually put there by the apps.  I would only toy with that area under the guidance of support or one of the gurus (you know who you are ;)) here in the Community.
May I ask who the evasive answer was from...just out of interest?
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The main item of interest in that folder is the Whitelist for the Web Theat Shield and the log file for it.  I would not delete the folder: to reset the Whitelist simply delete the whitelist.txt file.  Shutdown WSA and restart it.  A new blank whitelist file will be automatically populated.
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Hi David
Quick question on this topic...for my own edification.  I cannot find a folder called wrdata1, and the WhiteList.txt file (on my PC is in the wrurl folder within wrdata) this difference due to the different versions?
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This looks like Support told him to add the 1 on the end as that would create a new WRData Folder in this case I would ask support about removing WRData1 Folder I know what I would do but for you I'm not sure as support would know why they had you to rename WRData in which should be removed during a clean reinstall and the WRData1 will continue to be there so in reality yes I would delete but it's best to ask support. IMO
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Ok, my apologies to support.  It really is a difficult quesiton to answer!  :D
Triple, I agree, so I did.  Here is the conversation.
========================   Question posed to Support
Part of the clean install instructions had the following 
>> 8. Locate the WRData folder. This folder may not be present; if it is not, then continue to Part 2. If it is present, right-click the WRData folder and select Rename. Change the name to WRData1

The instructions never state what folder WRData1 is for or when it can be deleted.
Mine was created June 27, 2012 and contains "WRrem127293758.exe".  All dates (date, modified, created, and accessed) are also June, 27, 2012.

Please advise.  Also, remember, I have reinstalled Webroot three times this month and many, many times since June.
========================== Response from Support
The WRData folder is what contains the Webroot data. Such as settings, version, removed items etc. If you're choosing to do a clean reinstall, you will rename the folder after you uninstall Webroot. 
Now, if I knew the purpose of WRData1 then I might know if it can be deleted and when.
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Delete it if you have problems in which I doubt do a clean reinstall with a Reboot in between.
Daniel 😉
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that is what I figured but I also figured that support had a reason NOT to have it deleted.
In fact, it was created because they told me to do so back in June and has not needed to be created again.  Thanks again.  BTW, I'm probably going to have a discussion with Kenton Sieckman about issues with support.  Primarily you but also MikeR and a couple of others are the real tech support team.
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We all do our best as we are Volunteers and I have been using Prevx since 2004 and Beta Testing ever since and Webroot acquired Prevx in Nov 2010 and it's basically the same but much more powerful with many other tools and shields. And MikeR is great as he has the inside knowledge as an employee to help users and even us Volunteers. ;)
Team Work!
Daniel 😃
Userlevel 7 work rocks...especially in the Community Forums.  It means there is always usually someone around to respond and one of us doesn't know we probably know someone (or some people) who can...if they have not already spotted the user in distress and jumped in.
Team Work works! :D
PS. Sorry...could not resist...but have calmed down now! 😉
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Thanks for picking this up TripleHelix!
My reply was not quite correct, and I appreciate the
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Please accept my apologies for the delayed response to your question, "May I ask who the evasive answer was from...just out of interest?"
Support.  I keep asking about the WRData1 folder they want me to create but not delete and they keep telling me they don't know what I am asking about and then talking about folder WRData.  I can promise you, they tend to ignore questions and/or respond with canned responses having nothing to do with the situation.  However, I follow the instructions they provide JUST to try and get help.  Thus, Webroot has been installed three times in the past 18 days.
I am now trying to contact Kenton Sieckman or a Senior Management in Tech Support to discuss the situation.
Thankfully, TripleHelix, MikeR, JimM, explanoit, and superssjdan are around.  (I am terrible with names so have probably forgotton some who have helped.)
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You are correct about the community support.  (Unfortunately, I'm one of those who needs to understand why.  You know, why am I jumping off of this cliff? Rather than just doing it.)
Your response was appreciated.  As you said it wasn't quite on target but I understood what you were talking about.  for the record, I have no whitelists.  :D
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Thanks for your patience, ExpertNovice.
I'll touch base with a few others in the morning and have a better reply. But WRData1 has been a workaround and troubleshooting step in the past regarding journaling/remediation among other things. 
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Hello David,
Yes as Mike stated, this is a common troubleshooting step taken by support when reported into a customers PC. When having to uninstall/reinstall a technician will shutdown the WSA agent, rename WRData to WRData1, then uninstall the agent. This preserves valuble log data in case an escalation is required, QA and development have what they need to diagnose.
Once an issue is resolved the tech will remove the folder if still remoted in but sometimes they will not be able to tell if it is imediately resolved so that folder may get left behind but can easily be deleted if no further issues remain.
Thanks for asking David!
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It would be nice if that was a configurable option, if it retains the WRData folder in a renamed state somewhere.
I've submitted a feature request
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Another possibility.  There is a standard document sent for peforming a clean reinstall.
(I had said it was step 8... bad me...)
5.  Locate the WRData folder.  This folder may not be present; if it is not, then continue to Part 2.  If it is present, right-click the WRData folder and select Rename. Change the name to WRData1. 
This is only ten words longer than the original and is ONLY a suggestion.
5.  If folder WRData1 exists, delete it.
6.  Locate folder WRData.  If it does not exist continue to part 2.  If it is present, right-click the WRData folder and select Rename. Change the name to WRData1.  WRData1 may be deleted once your issue has been resolved.