Regular AV vs Gamer version?

  • 19 January 2014
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Hey everyone,
I was wondering what the differences are between the standard WSA AV and the "Antivirus for Gamers". The gamer version says its light and won't slow down gaming or cause lags and mentions the Identity Shield to protect online assests and game purchases, but the regular version is already fast and has the Identity Shield :robotvery-happy:. Is there any specific difference that would have any effect on i.e. performance or protection or features?
Shran 😃

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3 replies

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The Gamer version has System Optimizer added and that's the only difference.
TH  ;)
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Okay, so almost the same except that to free up disk space.

Thanks 😃
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Well it cleans all sorts of things please see here:  Also it's in the Complete version of WSA and I use it every day.
Daniel 😉