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  • 4 February 2012
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Going to port this over from Wilder's Security Forum perhaps Webroot Can help..
When I try to run a search from yahoo or bing no results are being displayed at all. Google was Working but they changed things and it no longer works it used to..
This only happens if you use Outpost Firewall and if you have Web Protection installed and enabled.
I have tested both Secureanywhere Antivirus ( Version)
and Beta with SafeOnline aka Identity & Privacy..
Outpost Firewall - No Web Protection Installed
SecureAnyWhere Antivirus
Search Results from Bar and Search Results from Pages work correctly, Have Green Checks Marks etc next to them if safe. Aka
SecureAnywhere Complete/Essentials with SafeOnline
Search Results from Bar / Page Work Correctly SafeOnline features worked correctly has https site Icon would show protected.
Outpost Web Protection is installed or enabled
WRSA Antivirus - search analyze features do not work from Bar on from Pages. Blank Pages
WRSA Complete / Essentials or upcoming SafeOnline byitself,
SafeOnline features appear to be totally blocked by Outpost Web Protection. Has I get no icon change on https sites..
Outpost WebProtection offers (blocking of ads by images, keywords, blocking java and flash, protects against activex, scripts, system wide or per site) and does offer some of same stuff that SafeOnline features do.
I have tried excluding Secureanywhere where possible at in Outpost and vice versa but still no dice..
If both feature could work it would be great or if SecureAnywhere was to Offer Ability to block java, flash, ads via firewall..
Perhaps the Dev from Webroot can talk to Dev at Agnitum and perhaps they can get the features to work correctly..
Other than this issue it appears Outpost Firewall Pro and SecureAnywhere function correctly..Outpost antispy disabled in compatiblity mode..So Webroot is handling pretty much all the scanning..

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Hi Corepc,
Theis can be caused by an interaction between the Web Threat Shield in Webroot SecureAnywhere and another link scanner on your computer..  Please try the following steps first.
In order to determine if the issue is related to the Web Threat Shield, please follow the steps below.

Note: We recommend that you print this page, as you will be required to close your browser and restart your computer during the course of these instructions.

Open Webroot SecureAnywhere.
Click Settings.
Click Web Threat Shield.
Uncheck the box labeled “Analyze search engine results and identify malicious websites before visitation.”
Click Save All.
After making this change, restart your computer.

Once you have restarted your computer, try to replicate the issue by running a search.

If the issue persists, we will need to gather logs from your computer to determine the cause. Please Create a Support Ticket 
Guess you need my logs, has i have to leave  "“Analyze search engine results and identify malicious websites before visitation" unchecked, else if checked any yahoo, bing, google, searches do not work.
It has been this way since for a long time now.across all version, it has never worked correctly with Outpost Web Protection enabled.
If Outpost Web Protection is totally disabled and not installed the "Analyze Search" will work, Once OutPost Web Protection is enabled "Analyze Search" no longer works..
Outpost Web Protection does not have a link scanner, does not check search results. It will only block the page if it is known to outpost to be bad when you click on the link etc..
I am really not sure if this a problem with Outpost or problem with WSA..Norton Safeweb lite work with Outpost Web Proection. And does almost the same has WSA "Analyze Search" but it works..
I have compared all the rules and programs settings between WSA and Norton Safeweblite and they are both setup the same expect for the outgoing access ip address etc..
Do you need for me to send you the logs files? I still have wsalogs.exe from the list time I had to send in some logs..
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Hi Corepc,
Yes, our Support Team would like to have a look at your logs to help determine the root cause of the issue.  To easily submit a Support Ticket, open Webroot SecureAnywhere and select the "Help & Support" link in lower left side of the main window.  Enter yoiur registered email address into the the form and click "Continue."  Enter the requested information and when you submit the ticket it will also automatiucally upload the logs from your system. 
If our Support Team needs different logs, you will receive correspondance that will instruct you on what and how to generate and send them.

Thank you,  and i'm sure we can figure out the issue here and get you back up and running quickly.
I Can't create a new support ticked because it is asking for password from the last time I sent a support ticket in and that issue has been fixed but ticket has not been closed..I have logged into that ticked and asked for it to be closed. Once that is done then I can start a new ticket..
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Just log out of that ticket and then you can start a new one!
already logged out and started a new ticket but it comes back saying this...
We have already had contact with: insertemail
Please enter your password below if you wish to continue with your previous conversation. Your password will have been previously emailed to you.
If I enter my password it take me my last ticket
Webroot suport say all I need to do is make a new ticket from that screen..
let see
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That's correct but don't put the password in and that should start a new Ticket!
not letting me start a new ticket keep going to that screen asking for password to continue after I put my email address under open ticket..
and then it takes to me to last ticket..I went ahead and did has webroot support asked and started a new message in my last ticket..
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Yes I see what you mean now as I tried to start a new ticket but you should be fine continuing in the same ticket!
Hopefully Webroot Support can help us fix the problem..Outpost is widely used firewall once again and "Analyze Search" is only thing that does not work, all other features appear to work correctly in Antivirus..
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I am currently researching this for you all and will reply back shortly.
Thanks for your patience.
Thank you
I can give you more info if you need it on my setup in Outpost
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Hi Corepc,
I sent you a Private Message a little while ago. Please reply back to that message so that I can investigate the issue further.
did not have profile setup to notify on private message, was not turned on by default, had to turn it on..
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Ok, so just to let you know I just checked your Ticket and our team is currently analyzing your logs and I will reply back to this thread as soon as they can figure out the best approach to resolve the issue. You will also receive an email with instructions as well.
Thanks for your patientce,
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Hi there,
Just as I had suspected, the issue is being caused by a conflict with the Content Filtering feature in Outpost and the Search Results analysis feature in SecureAnywhere. The conflict arises due to the fact that Content Filtering feature in Outpost is accessing the same data as the Search Results analysis that SecureAnywhere uses.
The Search Results Analysis feature that SecureAnywhere uses is different from the Outpost Content Filtering system, in that SecureAnywhere provides you with a visual annotation of the security of a link.
The current solution for this issue is to disable only the Content Filtering option within Outpost rather than the entire program.  To disable content filtering click on settings from the main Outpost interface, go to Application Rules and then double click on whichever browser is being used.  Click on the options tab and select disable filtering.  Once you have done so you can re-enable the Search Results analysis feature in SecureAnywhere.
I hope that this information explains the issue better and if you have any further questions, please let me know.
Thanks again for your patience,
Sorry Busy with Real Life past few days
Tried what you suggested and Webroot Support Suggest same thing, still does not work.
Disabling Content Filtering on Internet Explorer 9.0 did not work. That is only browser I am using.
But I can try FireFox or Chrome if you like.
? What Settings did you have outpost set at ?
Here is my Network Setup
Cable Modem - Scientic Altanta
Dlink DI-604e Firewall/Router
Outpost is setup like this for me
General - ImproveNet - Rules Creation "Auto Create and Update Rules" and "Auto create Rules for  Applilication Signed by Trusted Vendors"
Firewall - Rules Wizard -
Attack Detection - Max - also block intruder subnet
AntiSpyware - disabled via machine.ini
Proactive Protection -
Anti-Leak - Max
System Guard enabled and Application Guard enabled which list Browsers
Webcontrol - Allowed for Everything,  Block Java, Flash, Advertisments-replace with ad text, SiteBlocking Enabled, Spyware embeed in pages - Block
Once again I can try a different browsers,
also I am waiting to hear back from Agnitum themselves..They are also looking over the log files from outpost that I have sent them..Should hear something back from them in a couple of days hopefully..
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Hi Corepc,
I'm sorry it has taken me a few days to get back to you.  One of our Team Mebers has replicated the settings that you had posted and was able to see Webroot's annoted search results do load.  I would suggest that you first try uninstalling and reinstalling Outpost as per the instructions  How to Uninstall Outpost
Thanks again,
Sorry for not answering soonier
Thanks for all your help
But I have found the cause I think of what is happening
I disable filtering on Internet Explorer and it works. has long has Outpost Auto Update Rules are not enabled. Once a New IE rule is updated by Outpost, filtering becomes enabled once again.
If Auto Update Rules are turned off and trusted vendors are unchecked, then disable filtering keep in place for Internet Explorer.
But downside to this is that Outpost Web Control get disabled in IE at least some of features like ad blocking, flash, java, etc.
I will just disable the search features in WSA and keep my outpost web protection, either way if site is harmful or malicious Webroot will still block it, if Outpost does not.
Thanks for all your help
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If the Search Engine Results are not analyzed, it simply means that the link will not be flagged as "Not-Good!!" in the results.  If you try to visit a site that would have been flaged, it will still be blocked.