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  • 19 February 2012
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I cannot find anywhere on the product website where I can give feedback to a real person so I am posting a concern here. I like Webroot have used it for several years and recommended it to others. my product is updated and since upgrading to SecureAnywhere it has not found one problem on my PC. scanning with the free Spybot Search and Destroy right afterwards I have found numerous malware and spy items that Spybot identified and removed. FYI
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Hello and welcome to the community!
There are two possibilities to consider first which have been mentioned on this community regarding other programs finding items.
The first is that Webroot SecureAnywhere does not remove cookies and SpyBot Search and Destroy does.  With that in mind it is expected that Spybot find spy items which SecureAnywhere would not.  The fact that Secure Anywhere does not find cookies is intentional.  For more information, I recommend this FAQ and this forum posting where a similar situation was discussed.
The other possibility to consider is the finding and removing of a PUP (potentially unwanted program).  The finding and removing of these items differs based on what program you are running.  This has explained a previous forum posting regarding a similar question here.
If these situations do not explain Spybot's behavior, it would help to know what Spybot was finding specifically.  You may want to contact Support and explain the file and location of the malware Webroot did not remove.  
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Hello lynnyoga and welcome to the Webroot Community Forums! I agree with Sophia as Webroot SecureAnywhere is superior to Spybot as WSA is a full Anti-Malware and what Spybot is finding is probably just Tracking Cookies and they are harmless! But it is a great idea to have other scanners to do On-Demand scans as myself I use SUPERAntiSpywhere and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware just in case but all SAS finds is yummy cookies! But if you feel that it is more than that just contact support and they can have a look at your WSA scan log!