Someone has hacked my email - any help from Webroot or anything else?

  • 17 November 2012
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Someone has hacked my email account from my own domain.  I process all outgoing and incoming emails with Outlook 2007.  Since I don't understand how they can be sending emails from my personal email address, I'm not sure how to solve the problem.  Is there any help from Webroot on eliminating this?... or help from anything else?

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Hello barrybarnes and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums.
I'm not saying that you are infected but I would Submit a Support Ticket so support can have a look at your scan logs. Also you might want to contact your domain host to see if they can do anything for you as they could have been hacked or infected.
You mean you see messages with your e-mail but not originating from you? Then it is not hacking just spoofing your e-mail (fake origin). Very easy to do and nothing that can be done about it. 😃
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Please do Open a Support Ticket as suggested so that we can make sure you are not infected.
Also, another good resource for reporting spam and phishing emails is to send them to and I suggest changing your password if you think your email account is compromised. As a general rule, you should change your passwords every 3-6 months.