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  • 24 April 2015
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When I renew my subscription is it necessary to download again?

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Hello markers,
Welcome to the Community Forum,
If you renew your original keycode you won't need to reinstall Webroot. Webroot should recognize your renewal.Even if you renewed with a different keycode, all you would have to do is add the keycode to the console.
If you renew from Best Buy/Geek Squad to Webroot online then yes you would need to uninstall and install Webroot because Webroot and BestBuy installers are differrent.
Hope this answers your question and if not please get back to us.
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Hi markers
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Just to add to what Sherry has advised...may I check as to whether your renewal is a true renewal, i.e., adding time to your existing/current key code/subscription or a 'pseudo' renewal, i.e., purchasing a new keycode/subscription?
Depending on the answer there may be more infortmaiton that we need to impart to you.
Regards, Baldrick
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Hello, All!
This was my question as well.  I just got notification that i could renew early and get a couple extra months so I took them up on the offer and added a 2nd year of protection just to make sure that I didn't have interrupted coverage.
My receipt said that I did not have to download anything, the product would renew automatically, BUT then it said that I needed to click and read a section about my coverage and in my in box I not only got a receipt for my purchase, but I also got a separate email with the steps to install my renewal.
so, I guess my question is:  Which is it?
Does the product automatically renew on my actual anniversary date or do I have to actively go through the steps to renew my product?
And, does that mean that I will get any new 'upgrades' to the protection I am already getting with the Webroot Secure Anywhere Complete for 5 Devices?
Thanks for answering.  I am still as much a lost cause as I was when I became part of the community almost a year ago!
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Hi gr8auntteffie
Hope that you are well?
So, which is it...if you have added time to your EXISTING/CURRENT keycode subscription then the subscription will automatically renew (and by dint of that you will get product updates as long as you have an active subscription).
As to exactly when the renewal occurs depends on whether you have a subscription for the Best Buy version or the Webroot version (the former is only available through Best Buy/The Geek Squad whilst the latter is if purchased from any other retailer or from Webroot directly).
If the Best Buy version, then irrespective of when you make the renewal, i.e., even if you renew 10 days before the expiry date, then the subscription renewal will only come through/be applied on the date of expiry or at the latest 24-48 hours after that date, due to the information needing to get back to the Webroot back office (no worries about the delay as you have a grace period after actual expiry to cater for this potential delay).
If the Webroot version then the subscription renewal be applied on the date of renewal or a few hours after you renew (back office needing to catch up again ;)).  The thing to note here is that if you renew for 1 year, 10 days ahead of expiry, then the subscription should show as 365 + 10 or 375 days, i.e., the remaining days on the current subscription are added to the new, etc.
And, Yes, in either case above that does that mean that you will get any new 'upgrades' to the protection you are already getting with the Webroot Secure Anywhere Complete for 5 Devices.
I am assuming that you renewing the version of Complete and not downgrading to Antivirus, even though you have posted in the Antivirus forum?  Just checking? ;)
If any of the above is unclear (apologies for the rambling answer) then pelase post back and we will do our best to clarify.
Regards, Baldrick
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Thanks, Baldrick! I purchased my WSA directly from the Webroot site, and on my invitation to renew before my 6/7 anniversary would offer me 3 months additional coverage for the 1 year price, plus I could add a second year/upgrade for an additional fee, which I did. 
I stayed with the full product that I got originally,WSA Complete, no downgrading, so that I can still have some other products that I can add the WSA product to should I have to replace my 'new' smart phone that I was able to upload the WSA for Android OS to very easily, which was a huge relief, because, as you can see, tech stuff is my kryptonite!

So,  I purchased something that requires NO uninstalling of  what I currently have and on my renewal date of 6/7,  the product with all the new bells and whistles automatically install itself?

Sorry to be such a dork, but me and tech stuff really don't mix well and I am always dazzled by you all in here who know so much about how all of this works.

Thanks again for your input, patience and help!
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Hi, Markers and welcome to this community!
I just wanted to tell you that as completely non tech person who is intimidated as all creation of anything tech intense, the Webroot product is AMAZING!
Having switched over from Norton, this product is an absolute dream.  The installation process for the product was almost instant, the updates scan in a literal blink of an eye, and you can come into this forum and get awesome help from tremendous folks who know what they are talking about and they connect you with the proper information and/or people to take care of you.
After all the frustrations and hassles that I had with my Norton product, download drags that ate up my high speed time, the inability for the product to load updates the switch to Webroot had been pure bliss.
It's like having a completely drama free relationship with my computer.  The 3 instances right after I installed my WSA Complete where the product found something, it quarrantined it immediately and since then I have been protected, and when I use my computer for work searches, if a website has any sort of security problem, I can tell before I go to it because the WSA product shows me either green, yellow or a red flag icon so I know if something might pose a risk to my computer.
And, if I am going from one site to another tracking down information and I happen to get to a site that does have some security threat attached to it, my WSA product will give me a huge warning page telling me that I am heading somewhere that poses a threat and I can avoid it immediately and it will protect me from any issues as a result.
I cannot say enough good things about this product.  Without it I wouldn't feel nearly as confident as I do using my laptop when I am out and about between business appointments and I would never have gotten an upgraded smart/tap phone if I hadn't trusted that the WSA Complete product could be easily uploaded to my new phone to protect me when I check emails or need to do some kind of search.
I hope that you find as much peace of mind as i have using this product!
Welcome again to the community!:D

Please renew my Webroot Secure Anywhere subscription. Please give me a phone number and the amount I should pay for renewal. I tried to creat a account and said the key code was invalid.

thank you,

Richard R Ambrosino