Subscripton Renewal Email from Geek Squad/Best Buy - Real or Scam?

  • 28 February 2019
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Has anyone else received an email from Best Buy/Geek Squad stating that their WebRoot anti-virus software will automatically be credited? I tried to get a response from BestBuy, but their online tech named Kasey said it was a scam and that I would need to pay the full $49.99, and not the $29.99 stated in the email. I was a bit disappointed in their reply. I realize that WebRoot is not BestBuy or the Geek Squad, but WebRoot has partnered with them so hopefully someone from WebRoot or a user in the community can respond to my question and concern. Has anyone else received this type of email and did your subscription renew automatically?

Thank you.

PS: If someone from WebRoot would like to see the original email, I would be glad to forward to your security department.

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Hello @User2019AccWebRootCommuity and Welcome to the Webroot Community!

Webroot does use Best Buy Geek Squad as a Subscription service and it would be best to contact them Directly if you do know for sure you have a Subscription through Geek Squad: and

Calling them Directly would be best at: 1.800.Geeksquad
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Thank you TripleHelix for responding. Just an F.Y.I.
I did call the GeekSquad and that was a dead end too. So I decided to take a chance and adopted a 'Wait & See' approach. The gamble paid off, after a week or so my Anti-Virus software renewed automatically. So... clearly the BestBuy online tech named Kasey who said it was a scam was wrong. Anyway... I just wanted to followup on this topic for you and any other readers.

Thanks again for your input and advice!
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I don't like best buy cause I BOUGHT WR from them a few years ago for a years subscripe and in 6 months it it went out of service and I called them and they said I had to buy another subscrip so I jus thung up and sucked it up and called wr and bought from them.

Just got in trouble new Geek Squad Email Scam

Campaigns for the Geek Squad Email Scam have a similar layout, and the crooks' messages follow suit. An example of a scam where the user is told they will be charged $579.99 for a 3-year subscription is shown below. The con artists' phone number is xxx.

For You, We're Renewing It

Dear Client Your individual Geek Squad subscription will expire today. The membership will automatically renew. Hope the services were satisfactory to you.

Another con claims the consumer would be charged $399.99 since the package will automatically renew for another two years. A bogus order summary and a hotline phone number (1-xxx) are also provided by the con artists.

Dear Client

We appreciate you selecting our offerings. You are being reminded by us that your computer