successive scans find the same number of threats

  • 17 March 2015
  • 2 replies

Performing a scan produces 35 "threats removed".
Immediately performing another scan produces 35 "threats removed".
This indicates to me that the threats are still there.

2 replies

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Would you please have a look here and is this what you are seeing? Threats Removed Stats or/and Here (Edited)
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Hi Small-block-vette
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Just explain a little further; the stats are cumulative and thetrefore they rteflect the cusrrent position, i.e., in your case 35 threats detected, so when you run a scan again it reports the no further threats have been found.  You will get used to the WSA way of reporting threats and like most of us here you will just focus on when WSA turns Red.
Sherry has correctly pointed out how one can reset the stats and to be honest I think I have done so once in all the years that i have been using WSA...but the choice is yours.
Regards, Baldrick