To "Allow" CS8 to function normally, Webroot had to be restarted

  • 26 June 2015
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LOVE the load lost content... it allowed me to restore much of the following text after accidentally hitting the wrong button on the mouse...  Ok, now to the real issue.
Found the issue, sort of.  After updating Webroot Identity Protection for Camtasia Studio 8 (version 8.3.0) and flagging to "Allow" (something I don't remember ever needing) Webroot had to be shut down and restarted.
Here were the symptoms in case someone else finds this useful.
Camtasia Studio had no issues last Sunday just before the computer was shut down.  Today the computer was started and, after working to reformat a USB drive, CS8 was started.  Now, I can't click on buttons or tabs using either the mouse or touchpad.  Tabbing to those objects allows selecting with the space bar.
While looking for the issue I noticed that Webroot had CS8 in protected mode.  So, the application was added to identity protection and set to allow.  This did not help and Webroot still had it in protected mode.
Shutting Webroot protection down restores normal use.
The following thread did not help me as CS8 was listed and flagged Allow and CS8 is not sandboxed.

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