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  • 14 September 2012
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Greetings - I updated my Foxit Reader from Version to Version The old version ran lightning fast (1-2 seconds to load a pdf from my documents). The new version takes over a minute to load a pdf from my documents. The new version also takes over a minute to close Foxit Reader.
I noticed in my "Control Actice Processes" that Foxit Reader is listed as "Monitor" for the new version of Foxit Reader. I set the Active Process to "Allow" and the new version of Foxit Reader now opens as fast as the old version.
For Foxit Reader, should I leave the setting at "Allow"? From reading my Computer trade journals, there can be threats embedded within pdf's. Could this be the reason why Secureanywhere has a setting of "Monitor" for Foxit Reader? If so, is there a way to set Secureanywhere to "Allow" if a pdf has been opened from "my documents" before, and to "Monitor" if it is a pdf from a website or from e-mail?

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3 replies

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Hey David12846,
First of all, welcome to the Webroot Community and thanks for posting your question!
Since you were not having any issues with the previous version, it's probably not the case of the new version being malicious (or even suspicious), but rather that we're monitoring it because the software may still be unknown to the Webroot Intelligence Network. While setting the program to "allow" is likely not a problem, I suggest you submit a support ticket so we can verify the files and make the proper adjustments and determinations. Not only will this confirm whether or not the program is safe, but it will also prevent other customers from having this issue in the future!
Hope that helps!
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I tried to open a support ticket and send the file. Apparently files to submit have to be less than 10MB. The exe file is 23,418KB.
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Hey David12846,
Yegor is out of the office today but I can help. :D
I think he wanted you to Open a Support Ticket so that we could collect logs and make determinations for the "Unknowns" on your system. I tried to find your support ticket using the email you registered here on the Community with but could not find it. If you have not opened one yet, please do and let me know so I can send the log gathering instructions.