Unable to re-install Webroot on restored computer

  • 14 December 2012
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I had to restore my computer to factory settings now I am trying to reinstall Webroot but I can't. Is it possible to do or am I going to have to pay again and waste my money?

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3 replies

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It's very much possible to do.  If you are a direct Webroot customer, please use this installer.  Best Buy customers should use this one.
What specifically is happening when you run the installer?  Do you already have a little green W in your system tray?  The installer will look like it's not doing anything if the software is already installed.
Are you sure you did a factory reset or just a restore to a previous time when Webroot was still installed?  If it's already installed, you might be trying to reinstall when it's already there.
One thing you can do is to try bringing up Task Manager and looking for WRSA.exe.  If it's already running, it's already installed.  If you can't seem to access it for some reason however following the system restore, I'd suggest uninstalling and reinstalling.  In the event you can't do that because there is no entry in Add and Remove Programs for removing Webroot or if you would like a more thorough analysis of your particular computer, I would suggest contacting the Webroot support team.
There is also the possibility that the reason you can't reinstall is that you don't know your keycode.  In which case, we can try to look that up for you, but since I don't see it under the email address you used to sign up to the Community, I'd suggest going through the support team for that scenario as well.  I hope this info helps!
Thank you very much Jim. Turns out I was just inputting my keycode wrong. Silly me hahaha.
Thanks for the help it is seriously appreciated.
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I always keep my keycodes in Notepad or MS Word and I just copy and paste, glad you got it sorted. ;)
And Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums.