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  • 15 July 2012
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For a year and a half now, I can click on one to three websites...then I get a light blue screen that will not allow me to go any further.  I then have to click out of AOL or Internet Explorer (It doesn't matter what search engine I'm using) and restart my internet connection.  On some channels like YouTube, I can stay on as long as I don't switch websites.  I've run every single test in my HP Computer in addition to the basic Clearing History and Defragmenting. I've used every single program in System Mechanic and Optimized my computer with every single advantage that my Webroot Secure Anywhere Complete has to offer... Yet the problem still exists!  I've got a AMD Athlon II x 4 processor... No problems with hard drive corruption...No known viruses...No RAM problems to be found... It's driving me nuts!  Anyone have any ideas?   Thanks!  Dave at  :)
**Dave, I removed your email address from the post.  As a rule, posting your email address on a public forum is something you usually want to avoid.  It's a borderline privacy concern, and it also tends to result in a lot of junk mail.

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Hey DaveGrix,
I would like to test if it is a possible problem with AOL and see if you can recreate the issue while SecureAnywhere is turned off.
Please shut down Webroot and see if the issue persists. This will help us troubleshoot and see if there is a conflict with SecureAnywhere. In either case we can take a closer look and gather logs on your system by Opening a Support Ticket. If you go this route please send me a private message letting me know. 
I'll give it a try now... Thanks Mike.   Dave
Mike... I was not able to crash this computer for the first time in what seems like forever.  You've obviously started down the right track. 
Mike... I attempted to click on the ticket...  I entered my E-Mail, then my password and the page still said this...
"We have already had contact with:
Please enter your password below if you wish to continue with your previous conversation. Your password will have been previously emailed to you."
I still reached that notice after the correct E-Mail, then correct password were put in... I couldn't journey beyond that login page...
 Thanks, Dave
**Removed email address from this post as well.  It's best to communicate the email address via a private message when necessary.
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Hey Dave,
The password would be one sent to you from a previous ticket. You should be able to find the record of emails from your previous one and continue from there! If necessary we can create a new one using a different email address.
Thanks Mike... I didn't realize it.   Dave
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Hey Dave,
I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that if the blue screen issue returns you can update your support ticket. I am glad that the issue had been fixed.
Thanks Mike...
 It's sure great not having to get off the Internet every few minute due to the "Blue Screen of Momentary Death."  I appreciate all of your help!
Thanks,  Dave