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  • 21 June 2013
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From time to time, WSA warns me of malicious content when entering a website (for example: www., when clicking on the reviews of music):
"This website contains a known threat and has been blocked" - I have the option to close or allow, but only for 1 or 2 seconds, so I have no chance on making a decision, because the message disappears immediately. When entering one minute later, there´s no warning at all.
So what does this mean? Does WSA recognize within seconds, that there´s actually no threat?(I´m sure, this website is clean, I´ve never had warnings with other antivrus programms). Can I ignore messages that disappear within one second and that don´t reappear?
Thx for your answers,

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5 replies

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Hi Robert this is a known issue and the Web Threat Shield is being redesigned for the 2014 product line that will fix these issues and give a better experience for us all. ;)

So, no real threat in this case?
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No there's still a real threat being detected. What happens sometimes when you come across these situations in which the pop-up disappears is that the portion of the page which contains the threat adaptively changes to no longer include the threat, which makes the message WSA is giving you no longer valid. For instance, if there is a threat in an ad, and the ad doesn't load, the page might try loading a different ad which doesn't contain a threat. Thus, the message from WSA no longer needs input from you. As TH says though, we are going to provide a better user experience in the 2014 version of WSA as far as the Web Threat Shield is concerned.
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Thanks Jim for the extra info.
Thank you for the information!
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