Webroot does not launch, can't uninstall. Help!

  • 3 April 2012
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I work in IT and we've been using Webroot for our systems for quite some time. Over the past few months I've seen this incident arrise, but have found no traces online for a solution. What seems to be happening is webroot SecureAnywhere stops running, and cannot be uninstalled.

Tried running in safemode, and creating other user profiles to trioubleshoot without any success. The systems I've seen running them appear to have no virus related problems (they had been wiped to factory within 6-12 months.) I've ran spyware doctor, and malware bytes to find no other infections. Windows updates are running normally as well.
Secondly, I've used forced uninstalling program (Revo) to remove the program. The webroot SecureAnywhere installer does not launch (after uninstalling SecureAnywhere), but when I try and use the old Webroot AV+Spyware software it launches! Hooray, but I get a message saying that a newer version of Webroot is already installed. I've spent some time removing all registry files in system. I noticed that in Program FilesWebroot there is one file named WRSC, which cannot be deleted or modified because there is another program or user accessing the file. I cannot seem to find any programs in task manager associated to Webroot. If I remember correctly, I've removed this file offline, but didn't resolve any problems. I will try again though.
The systems running into this problem have been XP on SP3, with 32-bit software. Any input would greatly be appreciated.

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I've also ran Eurosoft diagnostics on the system, which all tests passed on Processor, Memory, Cache Memory, Video Memory, Motherboard, Hard Drive, and Stress testing. I believe to have narrowed this down to a software related issue, possibly to windows XP SP3.
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Hello William,
Welcome to the community! Sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing. Before we take any trouble shooting steps, I would like to have you open up a support ticket in order for us to troubleshoot further.
Please open a support ticket by clicking the link below:
Thank you!
Thank you, Support Ticket has been opened!
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Hi William,

It looks like we requested logs from the system in the support ticket, but we never heard back from you. Are you still having the problem? If so, please reply back to the ticket with the logs so we can resume troubleshooting.

Thanks 🙂