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  • 25 March 2013
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I just received the emai regarding discontining support for Webroot and asking me to upgrade. My subscription to Webroot however, does not expire tilll January 2014. So do I just lose the interim period?

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4 replies

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You will still be able to use the Window Washer product, but it will no longer be updated or supported by our technicians. The email should have a link for deals to purchase SecureAnywhere at a reduced cost and if it did not, here is the link to the discount.
Reduced Upgrade to SecureAnywhere for Window Washer Users
Thanks, but I already use a very god AVprogramme, so I see no need to purchase Security Anywhere, However, I still feel, that with nine monts outstanding on my WW subscription, you should make an allowance for paid up subscribers.
Oops, sorry, just saw the reduced price:$
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You will still be able to use the features of Window Washer for some time, but the support and updates for the product are ending. Let me know if you want to try Webroot alongside your current protection - one of the great things about our product is that it doesn't interfere or conflict with other security solutions.