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  • 10 March 2022
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All of a sudden the webroot extension has it seems every time I go to a website I get a red dot beside the extension icon..even on this site….what’s happening



Best answer by bobmac 10 March 2022, 02:09

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2 replies

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Found the answer to my own question...I use Firefox and had my privacy setting to never remember history...changed to remember history working OK

I’m glad I logged into the Webroot Community with the hope to find an answer to the Red Dot in the new WTS icon on the menu bar of Firefox (version 98.0).  I have been using Webroot SecureAnywhere (WSA) and Webroot Threat Shield (WTS) on my PCs for years.  Up to the most recent updateto the WTS extension (now version  2.0.22062.1) , I had been running Firefox with the History item on the Settings > Privacy & Security page set to ‘Never Remember History’.

When the browser was open and WTS automatically updated 3 days ago, I then started getting the Red Dot along with displayed pages to accept the Privacy Policy Agreement and the WTS Settings that indicated ‘Web Threat Shield extension settings are managed by Webroot SecureAnywhere’.   With the most recent update, I would constantly get the Red Dot and never a checkmark in place of the new WTS icon.  I was going nuts trying to find a solution including deinstalling/reinstalling WSA and WTS multiple times.

Per the solution that bobmac indicated, I changed the History item to ‘Remember History’ to the fix this problem and WTS now works correctly, displaying the checkmark on valid webpages.  Many thanks to bobmac and this Community page!!

Now my question for Webroot Tech Support and the Community:  Why did Webroot change the History item setting from ‘Never Remember History’ to ‘Remember History’?   Was there a change to the WTS algorthym that required the Firefox browser to now remember history?  Will future updates to WTS require us users to keep our History item set to ‘Remember History’?

Thank you.