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My webroot keps blocking access to which is a very well known and popular website for computer security, so I'm really not sure what could be wrong and I'm assuming it's just a false positive with webroot maybe detecting some of the software as malware, but I'd like to make sure. Whenever I visit I'm just giving a blank white page with tabs disappearing and everything and the browser seems to lock up, I'm assuming this is just a conflict with noscript or something, cause I didn't see it was webroot blocking it until I checked the scan log.
I checked pretty much every site checking website to make sure there was nothing wrong and they all showed it was fine, even brightcloud.

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I just checked and have no issues here as I use that site also to check my Router's Firewall.
And Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!  ;)
EDIT: I tried a few times with IE9 & Firefox 14.0.1 and I had to turn off the Web Threat Shield to keep the page open so there is a problem and I have reported to WSA support inbox!


Hi, and thanks for the welcome!
I still cannot access any page on on firefox, I just get a completely blank page and locks up firefox. I'm guessing it's perfectly safe to use with the web shield turned off if there's nothing actually wrong with the site, just a false positive. I just wanted to be safe.
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Yes that's what I was getting! Just to do your test you can turn off Web Threat Shield by clicking on the green button and save and after your done turn it back on! See Here
Thanks for your help, much appreciated
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Anytime! I know they are looking into it to be fixed! Thanks for reporting! ;)
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Hey BFD,
I have opened a support ticket for you so we can investigate the files that may need to be whitelisted. I used the email address you signed up for this forum with. Please use the password sent to your email to log in to the Support Ticket System and follow the instructions for collecting logs.
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Hello BFD,

Thanks for the report!

I have removed the erroneous block for I will also update your ticket on our support system.


Dan S
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Just to let everyone know that Joe and I did a remote session today and he has found the problem with the Web Threat Shield and visiting a Bad Website and the browser goes Blank and or White and locks up and it will be fixed at least for the fall release or if not sooner!  ;)
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Looks like Joe never gets a Holiday or Day off. :D
Looking forward to the fix. 😉
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Thank you for following up with us on the thread, TH.
That is very good news! :D