Webroot removes activated malware. Other malware shows a host of double-clicks etc.?Why?

  • 25 April 2015
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My question is about the host of files that regularly infect our computers, such as double-click.  Are they removed?
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1 reply

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Hi atuk
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WSA specialises in 'activated' malware...in fact it will ignore any malware that is not active (on the premise that if the malware is not active then it is not a threat).
Double-click, in itself is not classed as malware.  Yes, it can be annoying but it is not malware per se.
Of course, no app is 100% perfect...not even WSA which is why if you find that you are or you think that you are infected by malware or PUAs (Potential Unwanted Applications) then you can open a support ticket so that the Support Team can deal with the issue manually for you.  This is a free service to WSA users with an active/current subscription.
I hope that the above helps/answers your question?
Regards, Baldrick