Webroot SecureAnywhere AV interrupts/cancels downloads Help?

  • 2 March 2013
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Many times I am downloading some files in firefox and then ill click on a random site while browsing and then a pop up will come up from webroot (sometimes it pops up and goes away real fast) and other times it allows me to chose close or allow for the website... I guess it thinks the site is a risky site or something... but all my downloads stop.. this is really annoying and if I cannot protect my browsing somewhat and it not interrupt my downloads in firefox when it "sees" a potential risky site or something then I am going to have to go to another AV... in other suites Ive used before I did not have the same problem (norton, kaspersky, avira, avast)
this has happened multiple times and has cost me lots of time having to redownload stuff that was not complete...
thanks for the help if anyone can tell me what settings I may need to adjust and or stay secure but not screw up my current downloads...

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Hello m_didus_falco and welcome to the Community.
You may want to Submit a Trouble Ticket on this issue.  I do wonder though that if you try to your downloads using a different browser (IE, Chrome, Opera) but do your other surfing in Firefox if the issue would still occur or if it would help avoid it.
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You're probably referring to the Web Threat Shield, though I'm not familiar with it stopping pre-existing downloads when visiting a threat page. However, that action could potentially be in line with the purpose of the shield. If you visit a threat site, the shield may be stopping further inbound communications in the browser to prohibit potential threats from getting in via those avenues. Consider that if you have an open door in the form of a download in progress, visiting a threat page may provide an avenue for malware to come in via that door. Webroot may just be closing the door to prevent the threat from getting in. Doing this is certainly better than letting the site drop malware onto the computer.

If you are visiting so many threat pages that WSA's action of blocking the malware's possible attempted point of entry is cause for alarm, you should give some thought to re-evaluating your browsing habits. WSA is doing its best to protect you, but please keep in mind, it's still not advisable to intentionally visit sites that are known threats.

If you believe the sites in question are not threats, you can modify the way in which WSA treats the site by adding a site in the Web Threat Shield settings and changing the entry to Allow.

You could also consider disabling the Web Threat Shield entirely, but that is going to leave your computer more vulnerable to attack.
Using a third party downloader may fix the issue you're having. I have not see this problem while using a third party downloader, even with my Firefox browser closed i was able to continue and finishes with my downloads.
Thanks for the clarification, JimM. Its good to see that WSA has been protecting its user.