Webroot suddenly dislikes Networx. They have coexisted for a couple of months but now won't don't.

  • 29 November 2015
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I use a product called Networx to monitor data usage on my data limited satellite system. I installed Webroot about 2 months ago and they have coexisted well. Now Webroot doesn't like Networx and has deleted some of its files, and most recently wouldn't let it start from the autostart area after a reboot. Networx has not updated itself (it always asks me) and there is no difference there, clearly Webroot is looking for something different now than it was before.
When this sort of thing occurs, why do I not have an option to tell Webroot to watch this product but not start deleting stuff unless we talk about it first? I really dislike that behavior, since after 25 years of computing I do have some occasionally intelligent input to offer!

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