Webroot unable to find virus that is taking over my browser

  • 16 January 2014
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I previously had Webroot and my computer ran fine. The subscription ended and I forgot to renew it, and not too long after, I ended up with a virus. There was a ton of unnecessary stuff on my computer anyway, so I ended up just wiping it and reinstalling everything from scratch. The first thing I did upon hooking the computer back up to the internet was purchase, download and activate Webroot. Unfortunately, it seems that just one day later, I've picked up a virus somewhere along the way, and webroot cannot find it. It seems to affect the internet browser specifically - three to four pop-ups on every single page I visit, and redirects the first time I click on every link. The redirect goes to '' and then to some other random page each time. I've done the full scan on the computer three or four times, it can't find anything, which is pretty frustrating, since I just paid for a new subscription less than 24 hours ago. Can someone please tell me what I need to do to get rid of this virus - and if I have to buy different or better virus protection, how would I go about getting a refund for this product that is obviously not up to doing what it's made to do?  Feeling pretty frustrated right now.

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This might be a Potentially Unwanted App or a browser hijacker. Please Submit a Support Ticket and we will take a look at your logs to specifically tell you whether or not it is malicious and make sure others are not infected if it is. 
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Hello jackiejlh and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!

It's probaly a PUA please see here how to remove them and if you can't please do as MikeR suggested and Submit a Support Ticket and support will be happy to help you.
TH ;)
Thanks to both of you. Issue fixed. 🙂
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Can you tell us what you did as it could help other users!