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  • 13 January 2014
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Looking for some assistance on a new problem for my computer.
Somehow I've changed a setting with webshield so that when i start up my computer my internet access has been blocked.
The only was I can access the internet is to untoggle the webshield setting, open my Firefoxfox browser then re-toggle on the webshield.
I've run thorugh all of the options and can not figure out what I changed or how I can undo the change.
Has anyone else run into this or can anyone offer some advice on how I can resolve it?
Thanks -

3 replies

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I would need to take a look at your settings. Please try clicking Advanced Settings and then Reset to defaults. Also, click the gear next to Identity Protection and then Application Protection. If your browsers are set to Deny, change them to Protect and we can go from there. :D
Ok, went in and reset all of the defaults under Advanced Settings. Checked under Indentity Protection - Application Protection and made sure that browsers were set to "protect" and not "deny".
Still no luck. Also noticed that for some reason my Dropbox folder isn't synching up until after I turn off WebShield, connect to the internet and then re-check Web Shield to "on".
It's like all internet access, not just my web browsers are cut off until I turn off Web Shield.  I also think it's weird that after I turn it back on, my internet access doesn't get blocked. I can continue to browse. It's just the initital attempt after start up that requires me to turn it off.
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Hello steub13 and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!

Can you please do a clean reinstall? Download a fresh copy of the installer here and make sure you have a copy of your keycode then Uninstall WSA & Reboot then install with the new installer and let it finish it's install scan once that's done Reboot again and let us know how things are working before making any changes to the settings and please don't import old settings then if everything is working well all should be good if not you may have to Submit a Support Ticket with WSA installed and they can look into it further and help you correct your issues.
TH ;)