Website blocked, how can we fix this ?

  • 18 October 2012
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one of your customers told me that our website, was blocked by Webroot® SecureAnywhere.
It is a french portal about science and technology, with a blog and a forum. About 2M visitors monthly.
Can you please tell us where the problem comes from, if there is a real security issue we can fix, or check if it might be a false positive ?
Thanks a lot.
Benoit Fries

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Thanks for your report. We will look into this and resolve it shortly.
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Hey there BenoitFries,
Welcome to the Webroot Community.
I ran the site in question through our Web Reputation URL search and it came out clean. The site is listed as "trustworthy" and has had zero infections in the last year. That leads me to believe that we are probably dealing with the latter scenario (false positive).
Edit: DanP from Threat Research beat me to it! In fact, they already took care of it-great work! No need to submit the ticket! You should be all good to go!
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Just playing Devil's Advocate here: I really hope it never happens, but what if said site got compromised? We hear legitimate sites can and do fall prey to malware so if you whitelist them, how does WSA protect in that instance? I think this is important for everyone to understand how WSA would protect should such a situation occur.
Thanks a lot guys!

TonyW: as I understand it, that doesn't prevent the ususal protections against known malwares, should a page be infected you would still be protected, and the site would certainly be moved to the blacklist. However, rest assured that we can be contacted 24/7 and we would immediately shut the site down or fix the issue if it was the case.
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WSA does not whitelist websites, so if the site were to be compromised it would be blocked, and the blocking would be removed once the site was clean again.