What is the Web Console and how do I find it?

  • 4 October 2015
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OK first - my Webroot installation was set up by Geek Squad, and I am not very tech savvy.  I renewed my Webroot subscription last week, and I had thought I set up the scans to be done at 2am daily.  And in fact, that is what it shows in the settings that I can access from the application in the Start Menu - however, it also says that the last scan was done a week ago!  So, I looked at the settings this morning and saw that I have a box that says not to do the scans when I have an application up, so I unclick the box and try to save.  It then tells me that those settings are really contolled in the "Web Console" and that my settings may not take effect.  Where the heck is the "web console" and how do I access it??

1 reply

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Hello bjhickman, and Welcome to the Webroot Community. 
If you take a read of this link, it should explain everything, and please get back with any questions. Thanks.
and How to Create an Online Webroot Account - Webroot Community