What is Webroot s policy on participating in SE Labs ?

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I really hope you haven't been completely put off (você não foi completamente desanimado) by the reply to your question: how many Webroot users? We generally try to be friendly and civil in our replies, but I know that sometimes I, certainly, fail (faltar) in this. We're all only human :(
In answer to the very first post you contributed to this Forum, @ has already given you an excellent and very helpful and informative explanation about how Webroot works and why (therefore) it does not perform well in traditional tests. I cannot explain it better than he.
Unfortunately he did not address your other question in that post: how many Webroot users are there? So perhaps I can try and address that. This is information that Webroot does not publicly divulge (divulgar). However it is possible to deduce the number of users by consulting their different press releases and attempting to "read between the lines": see here.
For me personally, this has always been a relatively insignificant factor in choosing my AV. Actually, Webroot's security protection product is built on the technology that was developed by a tiny British company, Prevx, and that it acquired in late 2010. I started using Prevx in 2006. I found that, despite its relatively tiny user base, it protected me where other much larger AV companies had failed. That experience has continued with Webroot.
Incidentally, here is a simple and, I hope, non-technical explanation I gave about a year ago about how the three most fundamental parts of that technology work.
I hope this will help you in making your decision on which AV to use, and very much hope that this will not be the last time we see you here. I look forward to your future contributions and questions 😃
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SE Labs again issue new test reports . ( july - sep 2018 )
Small Business
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yes, for consumer webroot is very bad and not recommended see SE-Labs !!!!
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So again: if I as LAIE and not experienced IT specialist worry about an anti-virus program then I look on the internet and look at the tests.
then unfortunately I see the webroot performs very poorly, if you say webroot has another protection variant ????
tell me that everyone can write about himself or his av program.
there should be official tests of webroot, then the user himself can determine whether good or bad.
Completely ALL can be tested and used with different systems,
from A = Avast to Z = zone alarm ...............

Even VIPRE can be seen in various tests, only webroot seems to be a special company, sometimes I think the webroot users know each other personally.
because a lot are certainly not.
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wow , Webroot have many users
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@ wrote:
wow , Webroot have many users

then call it a number how much have user webroot, others say so too.
500,000 bitdefender
400,000 Kaspersky
and so on ...........................
webroot 10,000
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the truth
@ wrote:
I do not understand why is so difficult for you to understand???
If webroot fails a test , the test is "not accurate", "the real life situation is different" and "we have a revolutionary approach"
So, screw with SE Labs!
Claudiu, yes, you really do have a problem.
As I said in my previous post to you, you have already seen the light as to how mediocre our product is: see here and here. You have also correctly concluded that we are a group of mentally deranged cranks and yet, despite the fact that you promised you were going to follow my advice and finally move on with your life, here you are again, still continuing regularly—virtually every 24 hours since then (10/13/2018, and probably since much longer ago than that)—logging in to this AV Forum !!??!!
Indeed, more than six years have passed since you first saw the light (see my 2nd and 3rd hyperlinks), yet you still can't seem to liberate yourself from our clutches. Quite apart from the FUD that you're creating, I'm honestly concerned for your sanity, Claudiu.
However... Our mission is to help everyone who comes with a problem to this Forum. You've made the first step by admitting to your problem which is a courageous and laudable first step.
So as I see it, there are three avenues open to us now, Claudiu:
  1. We could advise you as to the nearest headshrink where you live. I believe, unless I am mistaken, that is Mississauga? If so, TripleHelix really doesn't live that far from you. (We’re all cranks so, as I’m sure you’ve already deduced, we all of us know a headshrink from our local area ;))
  2. We could ask Webroot management to ban your IP address from being a Forum member (I know this is not normal Webroot Forum policy, but I’m sure if I plead the particular merits of your case to management, they would earnestly consider making a rare exception in your case)
  3. We could simply ignore your posts—but that could be quite difficult, as you have this addictive habit of creating new usernames without telling us beforehand (Btw how many is that now? I've actually lost count :()
We're here to help. So please indicate which avenue you think would be the best one for us to follow..
PS. Also see this
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"You have also correctly concluded that we are a group of mentally deranged cranks"
It is not correct that we are all mentally deranged cranks.  I, for one, am pretty normal, as cranks go.
 "We could advise you as to the nearest headshrink where you live."
I don't think that this should be the only criterion for choosing a headshrink.
"We could ask Webroot management to ban your IP address from being a Forum member...  We could simply ignore your posts"
As far as I'm concerned, Claudiu can continue posting.  He doesn't post often enough to create a significant nuisance.  On the other hand, I don't quite see the point of the repeated postings, since in effect he is just reporting that a known and long-standing situation hasn't changed.
@ wrote:So, what about just simply participating in AV Comparatives??? We can figure out AFTER that who is the fool.
As I've already told you, we're all deluded cranks so we're not interested in what AV tests have to tell us.
Do keep up, Claudiu.
Hi again, Marc, and I hope you are keeping well since our last exchange.
Regarding your question, I can only speak from my—and other people's—real-world experience so please do take a look at this. If you wish to, feel free to come back with any questions.
Keith 😃