When i turn laptop back on, my Webroot settings are all changed?

  • 23 October 2021
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When  i turn laptop back on, my Webroot SecureAnywhere  settings are all changed?

Hi everyone,

I have an HP laptop, 4 years old, 12 gb RAM, 128gb ssd c drive, 1 tb hi-speed standard hard drive, Intel I-7 processor...a nice 4 year old laptop

Been having this problem for over a month now, since Windows began talking about their Windows 11 update…..

whenever i turn the laptop off, then turn it back on, my Webroot setting have all changed...the running tally of number of scans goes back to 1……..I have to open  the setting, turn on the desktop shortcut, then go to scheduling and set the time everyday for my scan, i also have to change Webroot to maximum heuristics as well…...whats the deal?

I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled Webroot, no help

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Webroot in Safe mode,  no help

Ive run several system restores, no help

Ive run all my antivirus programs, Malwarebytes, Superantispyware, they've found nothing….

First three years of using Webroot, no issues, now all of a sudden, nothing but problems…

the only “new” program on my laptop is Mullvad that part of the problem?







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Hello @pdxgti8v 


Do you have your Keycode on your Web Console if not please do: Webroot Identity Portal


Once it’s setup please set the said PC to User Configuration! See here:



Then wait about 30 minutes and do a few default deep scans then reboot and check to see if your settings stick.