where does WSA store "allowed" websites list so I can amend it?

  • 25 November 2013
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WSA has just tried to block "" (which is legit as it`s part of BT`s customer account page),  saying that it contained a known threat. I was using BT`s website to test my broadband speed and have never encountered a problem before with WSA when using this site. I clicked on "allow", and the popup doesnt come up anymore so I assume it has been included in the "allowed" list of websites. Where does WSA store this list so I can amend it in future? I`ve just upgraded to IE11. Has this caused the problem? Any advice greatly appreciated.

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8 replies

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We have corrected the block that caused to be blocked, if you happen to see legitimate websites being blocked in the future, please submit a support ticket so that we can get those corrected more quickly. 
As far as the allowed list of websites, it appears that you have not yet been updated to the new web filtering system, and there is not currently a way to view those sites with the 2014 release of WSA and the old web filtering system, although that will be available in a future build. The block was not related to IE11.
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Thanks Dan for the very prompt response. Much appreciated. Any idea when my WSA will be updated with the new Web Filter? I currently have WSA build
Thanks once again.
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It goes by the keycode so when they put yours on the new Web Shield Channel you will get it!
Hi all,
Sorry to hijack but your thread is recent and relative to my query.
I have Webroot SecureAnywhere version Does anyone know if it's possible to edit the blocked website list in this version? I have tried for a while to locate it with no success, doesn't exist as a txt file in programdata as suggested by an older post I found and can't find it anywhere in the GUI?:(
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Hello gazman and welcome to the Webroot Community!
Don't worry about 'hijacking': we don't mind and your question could be posted in a thread of its own, but it it fits in just fine here too!   :)
The blocked list is maintained in the Cloud, and so we cannot see it.  If you are experiencing a site being blocked that you think should not be, you might submit a Trouble Ticket and ask to have it reviewed.  
Hi David,
Thanks for the welcome:manhappy: and lightening reply **bleep**!, ok so for this version the block list in cloud based? - I've just found out that I may have access to this internally as we are a services provider for other businesses so thanks a lot for the help.
Sorry the proanity for a word relating to something that keeps in water. I didn't think that was a bad word lol;p
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LOL! Well you bleeped it 😉 it is possible that I am incoreect, but I am not aware of a listing of blocked URL's visible to the user. Ww CAN go to and use that to see what the ratings for any given URL are though.