will mcafee and webroot interfere with each other?

  • 10 March 2015
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Got a new computer and it has mcafee already installed on it.  I also installed Webroot due to being recommended by salesperson.  Will they interfere with each other and cause my computer to run slow?

2 replies

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Hello Chifawn,
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While you do not need to uninstall the McAfee, I strongly reccomend it.  Webroot is designed to be compatible with other AV's, so while it will not be a problem to leave the McAfee on (The computer will not run any worse) Also, in my own opinion, McAfee tends to slow computers down more than most other AV solutions.  Your computer may very well thank you by running faster if the McAfee is removed.
Uninstall McAfee:  http://service.mcafee.com/faqdocument.aspx?id=TS101331
Webroot WIN Cloud does all the work not your PC: http://www.brightcloud.com/platform/webroot-intelligence-network.php

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Hi Chifawn,
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Although Webroot is compatible with the most security software from other manufacturers, so you shouldn't discover any conflicts between WSA nad McAfee, while they both will be working in the real-time, I totally agree with Sherry's advice :D
Webroot is the lightest and the fastest security solution based on the power of the Cloud, which grows stronger every single day to provide you the highest level of comprehensive protection. The user has no chance to experience any slowdows while working, sufring the web, watching movies or playing games.
I haven't checked the latest McAfee products, however when I think about computer resources (CPU, RAM, I/O Reads/Writes)
and potentially slowdowns - for me they've been one of the heavyweight champions since ages;)