Windows Defender or Webroot question

  • 2 November 2020
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I have Windows 10 and it has Windows Defender. Whenever i download something it scan it automatically. webroot Anti virus will do the same thing. My question is why would i chose webroot antivirus when we already have Windows Defender ?

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3 replies

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It’s a personal choice what do you want us to say?



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Different vendors have different approaches especially on heuristics & zero day vulnerabilities. The video highlights pretty much highlights unique Webroot features.

Things that Webroot has that Windows Defender has not have

  1. Journaling - if Webroot can not determine immediately whether a file is good/bad, it keeps track of changes made so that it can rollback if necessary if it’s malicious in nature. Although I haven’t personally experienced rollback situations, I do see Webroot files related to journaling.
  2. Google searching (also on Bing & Yahoo search engine) & Browser web threat shield - years ago when my niece and nephew were in elementary school, I overheard my brother teaching them when they do Google searches, only click on result websites that have a green checkmark beside them. I smiled as I know I installed Webroot on their family computer. It does a pre-click check of search results whether the website is safe or not. In Windows Defender you would have to click on the Google search result link first before it checks on it.

It’s a personal choice what do you want us to say?



Nothing much i was just wonder why we need an other application when we have already windows defender.