Windows won't let me reconnect Webroot spyware and virus protect.

  • 9 January 2015
  • 1 reply

notification say computer not protected by antispyware and virus protection.  Try to reconnect Webroot, but get message stating that Windowsdoesn't trust Webroot and won't let me get into program.

1 reply

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Hi MannyJ
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Well, what youare describing is a first for me...never heard of thatg one before.  So, can we start by finding out what verions of the OS you are running, exactly what Webroot product and version you are runnning, and most importantly if you are running any other security application together with the Webroot one.
Hopefully, with these questions answered we can move forward towards idenitfying and resolving your issue.
Regards, baldrick