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  • 5 October 2013
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Hi everyone. Havent been on here for a while. Must admit, I recently went to the dark side and installed Norton IS (basically for my kids online protection etc). So sorry I did! Constant blue screens on logon etc. So Im back with WSA now. Please forgive me! lol! Anyway, my question is this: my old version of webroot was upgraded (nice job people, better interface etc). Is it better to uninstall, and reinstall the new version, as I`m not sure if its working properly? Also, no desktop icon was created either. I know I can do it myself, but is this normal? Any advice would be appreciated. LOVE THIS SOFTWARE!!!

5 replies

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Welcome Back!I have always found a fresh install is better personally.Also,the checkbox to create a desktop icon is left unchecked by default during install.You might want to run this tool as well in safe mode to make sure you got the most important Norton remnants.I loathe Norton.Leaves SOOO much garbage behind in the windows registry.Norton Removal Tool
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Thanks Dan. I went one better anyway, and reformatted my PC before putting WSA on it. Nothing of Norton left Now! (I!)
Thanks for the advice.
Take care
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Hi , Now i use latest version Webroot Secure Anywhere . Most beautiful . Thank you Webroot .
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@ I believee you can go into Advanced Settings and place a check on Show On Desktop and the icon will be placed there for you.
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Thanks for the comment, dave. You can also have it place an icon on your desktop during the  actual installation process by selecting installation options near the bottom of the GUI and then ticking desktop icon box when you first begin to install it. Places an icon on all user profile screens.