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  • 30 May 2015
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Recently installed Webroot on 3 home computers, so far so good, but for some reason one of the computers will now not allow You tube to play. Suggestions? Other 2 play fine

1 reply

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Hello LS1,
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Can you tell me what browser you are using and if you are using the same browser as your other PCs?
Have you updated your browser? Some video issues can be caused by extensions and plugins.
You may need to enable java script and clear your cache and cookies.Then refresh your browser.
Another thing is to update Adobe Flash Player May 12,2015


Click here to check your version and Here to Download and here is an Alternate Download make sure you uncheck any unwanted add-ons if offered and download both the one for IE and the other for other Browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Opera plugins! Also no need to install for IE on Win 8.1 or the new Win 10 Preview as Flash player is updated via Windows Update and Google Chrome has it built in and you will get it when Chrome updates it's Browser.

Hope this Helps,
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