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  • 19 May 2012
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Hello Forum!
I have a simple question: What is the proper way to add another mobile device to your account to gain access to Webbroot SecureAnywhere Complete?
I want to add it to another smartphone. Does it make a different who owns the device?(It is my brother's)
A helpful answer will be greatly appreciated/
Thank You,


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4 replies

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Hey MrSomething!
You would simply have your friend download the SecureAnywhere Complete app from Google Play. You would enter your Online Account credentials just as you did on your own devices. ;)
Your subscription will work on 3 separate mobile devices!

That is exactly what I did & I am told I am told that the information is invalid. I even created a user & that does not work either. Is it possible to get detailed instructions on how to do this? Or have my account looked into to see if there is an issue on my end or yours for a problem?
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Please private message me the email address you are using! I see that your subscription is registered under a separate Gmail account than the Online Account is linked to.
I will send you a PM with the email and keycode you should be using!
I entered my email, password & the product keycode & that worked. Thank you for your help Mike.