AFOM - Memory Release Failed

  • 9 September 2012
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How do I make WRSA not block Fasterfox's afom.exe memory release?
I did Allow both firefox and afom without success
 - Syth

Best answer by MikeR 9 September 2012, 22:09

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4 replies

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When you say you set afom to Allow, was it under PC Security>Quarantine>Configure? If not, please check if it is set to Monitor or Block.
Yes it was
I mean that was what I did to begin with.
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The next step would be to see if the issue persists while Webroot is turned off. Then we can narrow it down and see if we need to collect logs and investigate deeper.
If the issue only happens when Webroot is running, please Open a Support Ticket so I can send you log gathering instructions.
You can Send me a Private Message with the email you use when you do.