• 13 June 2012
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How can I access my backup files from a different computer?  When I log into my webroot account under the backup section it says "View, download or share any of your files or photo albums that you are securely storing online from any computer with Internet access."  However, underneath it only has a "buy backup" option.  When I click on that, my keycodes come up and it shows that I have the Complete version that comes with 10GB of storage. I've synced the files from my laptop.  I just can't figure out how to view them from a computer other than my laptop.  Please help!
Also, when trying to use SecureSync on my Android device - it's asking for a PIN.  I don't remember ever setting a PIN so how can I reset it?

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Hi Chynna,
Welcome to the Webroot Community!
First, please log in to the SecureAnywhere website and let's make sure the permissions are set to "Access".  Second, let's make sure the keycode is not an expired one. Please send me a private message with your email address and the keycodes you are seeing listed.
Regarding your Android device, SecureSync doesn't normally ask for a PIN. Is it possible that your Android device is asking for a PIN? Please provide the exact wording and describe the screen that you see when it is asking for the PIN so we can troubleshoot from there and try to get this issue resolved ASAP.
Thank you!

My backup issue has been resolved by MikeR.  Thank you!