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  • 19 March 2012
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Hi there. I do not know how to write, but I'll start from the beginning. Install Webroot SA on 3 computers. Then installed the system several times over. The problem is that PC Security tab shows all the names of the computers on which it was installed Webroot. I would like to show themselves there three current names of these computers without which there is no. Is it possible to somehow remove (redundant host names), or perhaps this is done automatically. Please and thank you a hint in advance. I attach the screen. (Should be 3 computers, and there are 7, 4 names are now obsolete).

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2 replies

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Hello Andrzej76,
We can certainly help you out with that.  The older computers in the online account are indeed the previous installations that have been performed. 
These do not have an impact on your subscription status (such as the amount of computers you can install on) nor will this have an impact on your security.
If you would like these computers removed from your online account, please open a support ticket here:  and we will gather the information needed to remove these "ghost" computers.
Josh C
Thank you very much for the information, I reported my problem and I hope that this will be fixed . I greet all of the forum.