Can't access Facebook if Facebook Protection is Turned On

  • 13 August 2012
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Is anyone else having this problem or know a solution?
I can only access Facebook (I use an HTTPS connection to it) if the Facebook Social Network Protection is turned off to none.
Obviously, I don't want to roam Facebook with no protection, so this isn't a good thing.
Has anyone had this problem and know what a work around could be? Any chance that it's the HTTPS access to FB that's causing a conflict?

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5 replies

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Hi WilliamScheckel,
There is a possibility that Facebook is being blocked because of an infection or conflict. For that reason, I have created a Support Ticket for you.
You will receive an email notification with a password and a link for you to login with. Enter your email and then the password we provide and please follow the instructions I have sent on gathering logs. We can now communicate through the support system. 😃
Thanks, Mike! I appreciate it and will keep a lookout for the email.
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Hey WilliamScheckel,
It looks like a clean uninstall and reinstall of SecureAnywhere, followed by setting your browsers to "Allow" within Identity & Privacy did the trick. I still want to investigate further and figure out why. 😃
Thanks, Mike. It sure was weird, but the trick to getting back to being allowed to it was, as you say, both the reinstall and manually adding in the browsers in Identity & Privacy and setting them to "Allow".
Really appreciate the help. And if you ever find out why, please let me know!
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No problem. :D
I think some of the browser problems you were experiencing may have been due to the high number of "Unknowns" that we found on your system which may have been causing the conflicts with your browser and Facebook. I asked our threat research team to identify the "Unknowns" and they have whitelisted many of them and determined the files as "Good".
Your system performance most likely increased though this as well, which is a plus!
I would like to clear things up regarding setting browsers to "Allow" within the Identity & Privacy Shield. You should not need to set your browsers to "Allow" now that the "Unknowns" have been whitelisted. In fact, when manually setting browsers to the "Allowed" state you can actually create vulnerabilities for your PC, so it would be best to set the browsers back to "Protect".