Deactivating from Older Computer

  • 10 October 2020
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Hello Everyone.

Iam getting a new computer, and I have few older computers, and I want to add webroot to my new computer, I need to deactivate from one of the older computers.

How can I do that



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4 replies

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Hello @venus60 


Please have a look here:


Hope this helps?

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Dear Ssherj.

Thank you very much for your help. I appreciate.

I am inside the Console. I did Deactivate one of my Computers. I noticed If I run a Scan, It also shows inside the Console, which computer was scanned at what time. I Scanned one of my computers, and It shows the last scan was in the year of 2018 .

Why it is not updated correctly?


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@venus60 , sorry I haven't answered your last question sooner.

My advice would be to uninstall/reinstall Webroot. If you'd like the instructions I can post it here. Sometimes Webroot just needs a clean reinstall because the Developers are adding new files. 

Maybe @TripleHelix could answer why Webroot hasn't scanned since 2018?

Otherwise you can Submit a Support Ticket and ask them why?

Wish I could help more . And you're most welcome....

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Maybe the Deactivated one shouldn’t of been? It’s hard to say without actually seeing it so Support can help you on the back-end of the Online Console via a Support Ticket or calling them.


Technical Support

Webroot Support:

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